CS 664 Final Logs

Updates and Changes:
4/14/07 - Added Image Projected Lidar Cluster Data and Delta Pitch Logs, Updated ReadMe

Readme - This describes the camera, the images and the locations of all the sensors. You really should read it.

These are videos for you to figure out which images you actually want. The timestamp will be in the bottom left corner of the movie. Sorry about the last log being in 3 movie files.
LOG2 Part 1
LOG2 Part 2
LOG2 Part 3

If you can't play the movies, you need the FFDShow codec.

Raw Image Log Files:

Log 1
Log 2

Note: Each image is approximate 1.8MB in size. It would be a good idea to use a download manager to grab these files. Free Download Manager is pretty good.

Sensor Log Files:

Log 1
Log 2

If you are having technical problems, you can email Prof Huttenlocher.